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PS5 Is Available At Amazon For The First Time In 2+ Years Without Waitlist Or Invite System

If you’re still in the market for a PS5, then you might want to head to Amazon. Not only is the console in stock (at the time of writing at least), but this is the first time in more than two years you can head on over to Amazon and pick one up without any invite or wait list system.

This is a massive deal for PS5, as the console was plagued by short issues from launch thanks to a shortage of components brought on by the coronavirus pandemic.

You may remember that we used to regularly have a dedicated PS5 stock article for the US and UK, as the system was so hard to get hold of that as soon as retailers had a handful of PS5s ready to roll, you had to jump on them before they sold out.

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Of course, the issue was exacerbated by the presence of scalpers, who used to hoover up PS5s when new stock arrived only to flog them at an increased price.

Jim Ryan, the president and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, revealed recently that the PS5 supply issue is now over, and indeed that seems to be the case.